Communiqué Medical Affairs Agency of the Year

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CMC Affinity

Summary of work

Our strategy for 2021 was built on our passion for well-being and growth, for both our clients and staff. CMC AFFINITY drove new opportunities providing over 20% growth in 2021, contributing to ~60% growth in four years. We grew our non-publication projects by 23%, a strategic objective to diversify our portfolio, and won eight new accounts. Our impressive commitment was reflected through client feedback, with an extraordinary 9.4/10 external client pulse score. Our digital focus and agility grew further, delivering a first of its kind 3D virtual exhibition booth with integrated stand-alone, and launching REVEAL – our first virtual poster platform.

We launched our entry-level programme, FuEL, combined with leadership training and new career development pathways, creating new opportunities for personal growth for all staff. With staff working at home, their well-being was critical. We focused on increasing connectivity, always working hard on inclusivity via our DE&I initiatives, as well as having our first CSR days. We are driven by our passion for well-being, be that of our clients or our team of dedicated individuals here at CMC AFFINITY, part of the newly formed IPG Health network. We are proud of our extraordinary personal and client growth in this ever-changing world.

Judges’ comments

CMC Affinity have been doing real industry leading work in PLS. They have clear leadership, even beyond their own company.  The DE&I and Festival of Science contribution in this industry is thought provoking and market leading. They had some great examples of work and strong people focus.