Communiqué Medical Affairs Agency of the Year

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Costello Medical

Summary of work

Since our foundation, our ambition has been to build a community of the very best people, challenging ourselves to make meaningful and outstanding contributions to improving healthcare. In 2021, faced with the ongoing pandemic and increasing client demand, our focus was to grow to meet demand whilst maintaining exceptional customer service, and, importantly, nurturing our community feel. Moreover, we strived to leverage our growth to become a ’better company’. We invested in our people, committed to probono work, and engaged with our wider community. We established a probono division, delivering +1,000 days of free work, volunteered with the Social Mobility Foundation, ran work experience programmes for local students and supported local charities. We achieved a 3* Best Companies accreditation for the sixth year and were placed on four of the Best Companies 2021 lists. Simultaneously, we saw a 46% increase in employee growth, dramatically expanded our operations teams, and maintained excellent feedback scores from clients and employees.

Building on the successes of 2021, we are working towards becoming B Corp certified. We believe we will be the first agency in our sector to achieve this, setting a new standard for commitment to responsible business practices and corporate social responsibility.

Judges’ comments

Costello’s strong focus on talent impressed the judges. They had good client satisfaction measurement, with sound operational information. It was good to see their pro-bono element. They had a clear strategy, which balanced nicely what they could do on their competitive position.